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This is a list of the various people in the development team for Morrowind.

The Morrowind development team.
The Morrowind development team with numbers to indicate who they are (See below).
1) Kerry Sergent - Programming
2) Mark Bullock - World Art
3) Noah Berry - Environmental Artist
4) Gary Noonan - Graphic Artist 
Also known as simply GT or WormGod, GT is once again working on the graphics for Morrowind, among other things. GT was also involved with Redguard and Battlespire (graphics and level design).
5) Douglas Goodall - Writing & Quest Design 
Goodall created the vast majority of the game's faction quests. He left Bethesda shortly after Morrowind's release.
6) Victor Breuggemann - Additional Programming
7) Ken Rolston - Lead Designer 
Ken is the lead designer for Morrowind and was involved in creation of Redguard. He is one of the fathers of role-playing and has done work for almost every paper system out there. Ken left Bethesda after Oblivion's release.
8) Scott Franke - Programming
9) O'dell Hicks - Additional Programming
Worked on the Xbox port of Morrowind. Hicks is no longer with Bethesda. He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Pharmacy degree at Texas A&M.
10) Mike Lipari - Programming
11) Tohan Kim - Character and Creature Art
12) Kevin Shriner - Additional Word Art & Building
13) Christine Miller - World Art
14) Mark Nelson - Writing & Quest Design 
Nelson is no longer at Bethesda, but before he left, he worked on both Bloodmoon and Oblivion.
15) Pete Hines - Director of Marketing and PR 
Pete is the overall marketing and PR person for Bethesda so is obviously involved with Morrowind. Morrowind is his first Elder Scrolls title he has been involved with although he was with the Adrenaline Vault website for three years prior to coming to Bethesda.
16) Royal Connell - Additional World Art & Building
17) Craig Walton - Lead Programmer 
Craig is the main programmer for Morrowind and has been with Bethesda for 10 years. He has done work on Redguard, Daggerfall, and Arena.
18) Guy Carver - Lead Xbox Programmer
19) Hope Adams - World Artist
20) Shirin Alkaissi - Motion Graphics (Opening Titles), Package Design, Web Design
21) Ahn Hopgood - Programming
22) Juan Sanchez - Creature Artist
23) Mat Krohn - Programming
24) Erik Parker - Additional Programming
25) Christiane H.K. Meister - Lead Character Animator 
Christiane is the lead character animator for Morrowind.
26) Todd Howard - Project Leader 
Todd is the project leader for Morrowind and was also the designer for Redguard. He was also involved in the design of Daggerfall and designed/produced Future Shock and SkyNET.
27) Jason Ruddy a.k.a. "endekks" - Sound Effects, UI, Package Design, Web Design
28) Scott Hofmann - Additional Programming
29) Matthew Carofano - Lead Artist
30) Todd Vaughn - Associate Producer
32) Mark Jones - Graphic Artist 
Mark is a long time freelance artist for the Elder Scrolls series and is again working on Morrowind. I believe Mark has done work on every ES game out there (with the exception of Oblivion) as well as worked on SkyNET. He also created the first Scamps.
33) Chris Inannen - Programming
34) Ka-Kei Wong - Additional Character and Creature Art
Michael Kirkbride - Initial Development 
Michael is no longer with Bethesda but was heavily involved with the development of the Elder Scrolls game series.
Julian Lefay - Father of the Elder Scrolls 
Julian is no longer working for Bethesda but rumors have it that he was involved in the design phase of the game and did some contract design and programming.