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Corky (guar_llovyn_unique)
House Llovyn's Farmhouse
Location Ascadian Isles Region
Species Guar Soul Petty (20)
Level 3 Type Beasts
  • 3–9 pts melee
Other Information
Health 38 Magicka 5
Alarm 0 Fight 0
Follower During Rent and Taxes

Corky is a tame guar, who can be found outside Llovyn's Farmhouse, just west of Dren Plantation.

Llovyn Andus will offer the guar as payment for some rent and taxes he owes. The guar will then follow you and fight for you. It is also possible to sell Corky to Drulene Falen for 200 gold in order to collect the owed money.

Related Quests[edit]

House Hlaalu[edit]

  • Rent and Taxes: Collect some rent and taxes from two farmers, or simply kill them if they refuse.


  • The tedium of Corky's journey is compounded by its girth: it can easily get stuck in narrow places.
  • Another guar named Corkie appears in Elder Scrolls Online, though given the time difference between the two games, it's unlikely they are the same animal.