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Cirwedh (cirwedh)
Home City Vivec, Telvanni Canton
Location Telvanni Tower (See map)
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Level 9 Class Scout
Training Sneak (48)
Block (47)
Medium Armor (47)
Other Information
Health 95 Magicka 98
Alarm 90 Fight 30
Faction(s) House Telvanni Retainer(Retainer)

Cirwedh is a Bosmer scout located inside the Telvanni Tower in the Telvanni Canton plaza in Vivec.

She is a minor trainer in Medium Armor, Block, and Sneak.

Cirwedh wears a netch leather cuirass along with matching greaves and a common shirt with matching pants, belt, and shoes. She also wields a steel longsword. Aside from her natural resistance to disease, and the ability to command animals, she knows no spells.