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A regular Wood Elf female
The Wood Elves are the various barbarian Elven clanfolk of the Western Valenwood forests. These country cousins of the High Elves and Dark Elves are nimble and quick in body and wit, and because of their curious natures and natural agility, Wood Elves are especially suitable as scouts, agents, and thieves. But most of all, the Wood Elves are known for their skills with bows; there are no finer archers in all of Tamriel.

Wood Elves, or Bosmer, are the Elven clan-folk of Valenwood, a forested province in southwestern Tamriel. In the Empire, they are often referred to as Wood Elves, but Bosmer, Boiche, or the Tree-Sap people are what they call themselves. Wood Elves rejected the stiff, formal traditions of Aldmeri high culture, preferring a more romantic, simple existence in harmony with the land and its wild beauty and creatures. They are relatively nimble and quick in body compared to their more "civilized" Altmeri cousins (who often look down upon Wood Elves as unruly and naive). Their agility makes them well-suited as scouts and thieves. However, they are also a quick-witted folk, and many pursue successful careers in scholarly pursuits or trading. Wood Elves live two to three times as long as humans; with a 200-year-old Wood Elf being old and a 300-year-old Wood Elf being very, very old. Though they are considered less influential than some of their Elven brethren, Wood Elves are also relatively prone to producing offspring. As a result, they outnumber all other mer on Tamriel.

The best archers in all of Tamriel, Wood Elves snatch and fire arrows in one continuous motion; they are even rumored to have invented the bow. They have many natural and unique abilities; notably, they can command simple-minded creatures and have a nearly chameleon-like ability to hide in forested areas. Many in the forests of Valenwood follow the tenets of the Green Pact. These "Green Pact Bosmer" are religiously carnivorous and cannibalistic, and do not harm the vegetation of Valenwood, though they are not averse to using wooden or plant-derived products created by others.

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Base Attributes[edit]

Attribute M F
Strength 30 30
Intelligence 40 40
Willpower 30 30
Agility 50 50
Speed 50 50
Endurance 30 30
Personality 40 40
Luck 40 40

Skill Bonuses[edit]

Skill Bonus
Marksman Marksman +15
Sneak Sneak +10
Light Armor Light Armor +10
Alchemy Alchemy +5
Acrobatics Acrobatics +5



Ideal Character[edit]

Wood Elves make good stealthy archer characters. They do well in any faction where those abilities are prized - the Morag Tong, Great House Hlaalu, the Thieves Guild. With a big boost to Marksman, a good bonus in Sneak, and 50 speed to start, you have good natural ability for sniping and skulking. Racial skill bonuses usually aren't significant, but the +15 to Marksman is hard to ignore, especially since there's not much else to be a decision-swinging bonus, and it can make a positive difference, especially if your Class has Marksman as a Minor Skill.

Wood Elves' disease resistance is helpful unless you intend to become a Vampire. The Beast Tongue ability has limited use, unless you like moving a special creature such as Creeper from town to town with you, or if you get mobbed by low-level creatures early in the game.

A downside to being a Wood Elf is low strength, so you may have trouble carrying a large supply of ammunition, meaning more trips to the store. This will be largely mitigated if you aren't weighed down by Heavy/Medium Armor and heavy weapons like battleaxes - though if you do use them you'll quickly build your Strength.


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