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Ald'ruhn's Finest Homes
General Information
Overview of Ald'ruhn - A brief overview of the council seat of House Redoran.
Key - A description of the house details header.
Big and more spacious
Morvayn Manor - The owner moved out as her house is filled with corprus monsters; kill them and the house is yours.
The Mages Guild - Make sure you do all the Ald'ruhn Mages Guild quests before this one as the guild goes empty.
Guard Tower 1 - The first of Ald'ruhn's two guard towers.
Guard Tower 2 - The second of Ald'ruhn's two guard towers.
Small and cosy
Hanarai Assutlanipals - Spooky house as it's owned by a Sixth House/ash statue lover.
Drinar Varyon - He doesn't actually do anything so kill him and find loads of ebony.
Mage's Guild Guest Quarters - Claim an unused room in the Mages Guild.
Dandera Selaro - Once you have picked the lock, you're good to go as she never goes in.
Ienas Sarandas - He vacates to the Temple after you listen to him repent of his excessive materialism (per "work" quests issued by several local merchants).
All other houses below Temple - Any of these owners are expendable except Braynus Hlervu for the Bal Molagmer quests.

General Information[edit]

Overview of Ald'ruhn[edit]

The dusty town of Ald'ruhn is situated just outside the Ghostfence at the base of Red Mountain. Dust storms are frequent as the dust-brown ground shows. This city is the council seat of House Redoran; their manors are located "Under-Skar", as the hollowed-out ancient land-crab's shell is called. More houses (created from the same shells though much smaller crabs) are found scattered about inside the gates, some of them housing the Mages Guild, Fighters Guild, and other services. The Thieves Guild's contacts can be found in the Rat in the Pot Inn. The Temple is on the east side of town, and further southeast is the Imperial Legion garrison, Buckmoth Legion Fort.


Services: Services and establishments inside or next door to the house.
Storage: All the kinds of storage options available in the house
Occupant(s): The names and occupations of any occupants of the house
Description: A detailed description of the house's features.

Big and more spacious[edit]

Morvayn Manor

Morvayn Manor[edit]

Services: none
Storage: Urns(5) Barrels(6) Drawers(1) Crates(9) Chests(1) Closet(1) Small Chest(1)
Occupant(s): Corprus monsters (respawning)
Description: A very unique place, mainly because it is filled with corprus monsters. Knowing this, the owner fled to the Redoran Council Chambers. Once inside the manor itself, a locked door (with key on a nearby shelf) leads to the lower areas. There are only a few monsters in there and a dead body, so after that you can do whatever you like to the house. Be aware that the corprus monsters will respawn, though. One suggestion is that you stick lanterns, candles, and torches in the corners and gaps as it is very dark. The rest of the manor's layout is exactly like the Fighters Guild, so you can work out how everything is set up. The dead body there is NOT safe storage, as it will disappear after three days. With the darkness, and the respawning monsters there are definitely better choices for homes.

The Ald'ruhn Mages Guild

The Mages Guild[edit]

Services: None
Storage: Small Chest (9), Crate (2), Barrel (3), Chest (7), Basket (4), Sack (4), Drawers (1), Desk (1), Urn (7), Closet (1)
Occupant(s): None
Description: In order to get this right with no complications, do all the Ald'ruhn Mages Guild quests first, because if you choose to keep this guild as your own, you can't do them. Also, you cannot do the rest of Aengoth the Jeweler's quests for the Thieves guild. It seems complicated, but all you have to do is go to Aengoth the Jeweler, if you're in the Thieves Guild obviously, and ask for a job. Luckily, it's the first one and he tells you that all the mages have gone away and he wants you to steal Anareren's devil Tanto. Just go in, kill the guard, and don't go back to Aengoth. Now this is your very own guild with no bounty on your head or expulsion from guilds. This is not advised if you wish to finish the Thieves Guild quests. You will not be able to do any unfinished quests that relate to the Ald'ruhn Mage's Guild or be able to take the guild guide from Ald'ruhn (you will only be able to go to, not from this guild hall.) Make sure there is nothing else you wish to do with this guild hall. You are able to allow everyone back to this guild if you return the tanto to Aengoth, though you will not be able to get them back out.

Guard Towers 1 (left) and 2 (right)

Guard Tower 1[edit]

Services: none
Storage: Barrels (3), Baskets (6), Chests (3), Crates (6), Sacks (6), Urns (9)
Occupant(s): One Redoran Guard
Description: Guard towers are useful buildings to own, as they are usually filled with armor and weapons. The ground floor of the first tower contains a number of iron weapons and pieces of Bonemold armor and several baskets, crates, and urns, as well as a couple sacks, near the ladder to the trapdoor. The bottom floor, accessible by the stairs in the middle of the room, has a bunkbed, several baskets, crates, sacks, and urns, a few chests, a few chairs, and a table. You will essentially "own" the pair of tall towers at the city gates, which is definitely not something every house has. This could be very beneficial to archers and mages as they can use the elevated positions to take out any creature that comes within range of the city gates.

Guard Tower 2[edit]

Services: none
Storage: Barrels (1), Baskets (6), Chests (2), Crates (6), Sacks (11), Urns (5)
Occupant(s): One Redoran Guard
Description: Layout is the same as the first tower. Instead of iron weapons, however, you will find a few steel weapons.

Small and cozy[edit]

Hanarai Assutlanipals[edit]

Services: unknown
Storage: Urns(7), Crates(8), Sacks(12), Baskets(5) and a chest
Occupant(s): None (after quest)
Description: This is an evil and spooky yet no-worry house to have. Its completely legal to kill and own the house so long as you are doing a certain Redoran Quest. This house has a spookier side to it, because as you go down the stairs, there is a door that glows red, proving that the owner has a little something to do with the ash statues that have been going about Ald'ruhn and all the Sixth House Cult stuff. Evil and sinister players will find this area very cool because of the red glow it gives off and the fake shrines. Also, it makes an excellent screenshot and save screen. It has a bed and a few storage options, so it nicely combines usefulness and style.

Ienas is gone after the quest

Ienas Sarandas[edit]

Services: Ald Skar Inn just outside, very close to Upper Ald'Ruhn
Storage: Closets (1), Desks (1), Chests (1), Urns (3), Sacks (4)
Occupant(s): None, after quest
Description: The house is a typical, small Redoran style dwelling. Ienas Sarandas donates his home to the Temple after you listen to him repent of his excessive materialism (per "work" quests issued by several local merchants).

Drinar Varyon's house

Drinar Varyon[edit]

Services: Unknown
Storage: Desk(1), Chests(3), a crate, a Chest of Drawers, Sacks(3) and Urns(3)
Occupant(s): Drinar Varyon
Description: This is a great house for those who like heavy armor and have the Tribunal expansion pack. This is mentioned because the armorer in Godsreach makes custom armor, so you'll need ebony to make Ebony Armor, and in this house you will find quite a bit of it. It's in the two locked chests at the end which will open with the key found on the owner's body. The owner is a smuggler, and is related to an Imperial Legion and House Hlaalu quest. He keeps the facade of a pot maker to disguise his true job. However, if you are willing to take the time to do it, or just like your pots, this is the house for you.

Dandera Selaro[edit]

Services: smith
Storage: Small Chest (1), Barrel (4), Basket (3), Sack (7), Urn (2), Closet (1)
Occupant(s): Dandera (smith)
Description: This is one of the sneakier houses to get into, as you need to open the lock. The house is practically in the middle of the city and has a guard that comes around every so often. To make it sneakier, the owner is right next to you. However, the house does have its benefits. For one, she is a smith, so there is bound to be a lot of storage; also, she never uses her house, so you do not need to kill anybody.

The "deluxe" guest room in the Ald'ruhn Mages Guild

Mage's Guild Guest Quarters[edit]

Services: Guild guide
Storage: One chest and a desk
Occupant(s): none
Description: Easy and legal if you're a member of the Mages Guild. Just down the hall from the guild guide are two unused rooms. One has a desk, a chest, and a double bed. For a few gold pieces you can make quick expeditions to Caldera (to visit Creeper) or Balmora.

From left: Braynus Hlervu's house, Galthagroth's house, Pellecia Aurrus' house, Ilmiril's house

All other houses below Temple[edit]

These houses are right next to each other, out of the way of guards, and, except for Braynas Hlervu, are all normal citizens, so you can kill them all with no worries about quests and factions. They are all like your every day, small, Redoran house, so there's nothing too special. Though, if you like being greedy and having your very own village, then this is the place to start. Galthragoth's house is particularly fun to use because it makes for a perfect place to set up as a "party home." You will have to kill Galthragoth but it's OK because he is apparently a drunk. Lots of urns in this house to hold stuff.