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This page contains information about the files and file formats of Battlespire.

Extracting BSAs[edit]

The program Game Extractor by Watto may be used to extract files from Battlespire's BSAs. Alternatively, battlespire-tools by Ariscop can also do that and more.


This contains the animation frames used in every conversation window. The files can be opened and edited with Aseprite. The files may have two extra bytes at the start of file for unknown reasons that may cause problems opening them. If this is the case, delete them with a hex editor.

TXT.BSA Format[edit]

Useful information, options, and formats gleaned from the TXT.BSA file configuration file are covered at TXT.BSA Format.


This file is only found on Battlespire's CD and is notably not present in the GOG release. It contains PCMs which are WAV files without the header. The correct header info that can be used to convert them to WAV is as follows:

  • 8-bit unsigned
  • little-endian
  • mono
  • 11025hz

Save Game Offset List[edit]

A partial list of save game offsets for the SAVETREE.DAT file are provided in Save Game Offset List.

RAW File Format[edit]

The RAW screenshot files found in the PICS directory are simply the RGB components of each pixel in the 640x480 window (640x480x3 = 921,600 bytes). Each color component is a byte ranging from 0 to 255 (which is in essence a 24 bit file even though Battlespire is only a 15 bit game).