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Surname & Possible Death[edit]

To the crazy, indignant person out there who will inevitably think the article is missing something: how's the future? I bet it sucks. Anyways, yes, I know Olaf One-Eye and Hakon share a surname. Go read The Hope of the Redoran. It mentions that Nordic names are often descriptive monikers given during special ceremonies, as opposed to inherited family names. Both Olaf and Hakon have a messed-up eye, which is almost certainly the reason they're each called "One-Eye". The point being, the surname is not a good reason to think these two are related, and I don't think it merits mentioning.

Also, I'm aware Hakon was grievously wounded in the fight with Alduin. It's possible he succumbed to his injuries. But they never showed him dying. I felt comfortable assuming Gormlaith died in the fight on her page because Alduin literally chomped her up and threw her away, and other Skyrim NPCs who go through that animation are killed. Anyways, since we don't know how Hakon ultimately met his fate, I thought it best to remain silent on the matter rather than speculate. Minor EditsThreatsEvidence 04:56, 8 October 2012 (GMT)