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Ancestral Ascendant Organ Lord of Lilmoth Xhon-Mehl
Race Argonian Gender Male
Resided in Lilmoth
Appears in The Infernal City
Lilmoth circa 2E 582

Xhon-Mehl the Fisher was an Argonian figure of importance. He served as the Ancestral Ascendant Organ Lord of Lilmoth at some point in history, long before 4E 48. A statue of his likeness was erected in Lilmoth, but by the time of 4E 48, it was sunken into the marsh up to the snout.[1]:34 It was not uncommon for more permanent stone structures to meet that fate there. Many of the stone villas of the Old Imperial Lilmoth suffered a similar fate, as swamp had reclaimed it.[2][3]

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