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Captain Velehk Sain
SR-npc-Velehk Sain.jpg
Captain Velehk Sain (Skyrim)
Race Dremora Gender Male
Appears in Skyrim, ESO, Blades

Captain Velehk Sain, also known as the Pirate King of the Abecean, is an infamous Dremora pirate known for terrorizing the Abecean Sea to the west of Tamriel. He and his crew are feared for their ruthless and sadistic raiding of Imperial and Elven vessels alike. His ship is distinctive, and legend has it that blood on the water signals his approach.[1]

Velehk Sain was already an established pirate on Mundus by the time of the Planemeld, when he was summoned to Coldharbour to serve Molag Bal. In 2E 582, he was transported back to Tamriel to protect various dolmens. However, he was quickly banished by the Fighters Guild and the Dark Anchors were lifted.[2] Some time after this, he returned to Tamriel and continued his piracy. At some point in the Fourth Era, four students of the College of Winterhold attempted to summon Velehk Sain using four enchanted rings and a gauntlet sculpture. They all died from severe conjurer's burn and their souls became eternally trapped in Oblivion. The College assumed their summoning had failed and put the four rings into safekeeping.[3] However, the Dremora had in fact been successfully bound to the sculpture, and in 4E 201 the Last Dragonborn broke the binding by returning the rings to the gauntlet. Velehk Sain attempted to bargain by promising to reveal a stash of magically hidden treasure along the coast of Skyrim, which his crew had hidden after sinking an Imperial galleon in the Sea of Ghosts many years previous. It is unknown if the Dragonborn released the Dremora to return to his ship on the Abecean, or banished him back to the Void.[4]



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