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Emperor Titus Mede I
Race Imperial Gender Male
Reign 4E 22-
Previous Ruler Thules the Gibbering
Next Ruler Attrebus Mede
Resided in Cyrodiil

Emperor Titus Mede I, a prominent figure during the early Fourth Era, came to power after the Oblivion Crisis. Before his reign as Emperor, Titus I had been a Colovian warlord, a soldier in an outlaw army, and a king in Cyrodiil. In 4E 22, after the seven years, he captured the Imperial City with less than a thousand men, seizing control of the crumbling Empire from Thules the Gibbering, thus ending the Stormcrown Interregnum. Although the Elder Council had preferred the rule of Thules because he was Nibenese, they were ultimately persuaded to accept Titus I as a liberator rather than a conqueror. He proved a shrewd and capable leader, and the province of Skyrim endorsed him as Emperor.[1][2]

Not long after seizing control, Titus I successfully routed the army of another rival for the Ruby Throne, Eddar Olin. He founded the Mede Dynasty, fathered Prince Attrebus Mede, and had an unidentified brother who was carefully monitored by the Penitus Oculatus to ensure that he made no attempt to usurp Titus I. Titus I continued to reign as of 4E 48, the year of the Umbriel Crisis.[1]


  • Members of Titus Mede's innermost circle were branded with a small wolf's head, his personal symbol.[3]:22