Lore:The Spilled Sand

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Type Plane
Realm Mundus
Appears in ESO
The Spilled Sand

The Spilled Sand is an obscure realm speculated to be the realm of Alkosh. It is not a physical place, but a story which is simultaneously part of the tapestry of time while also outside of it.[1] Masser and Secunda are visible from the realm, indicating that it resides in the Mundus. The realm consists of an endless looping expanse of sands; a giant golden dragon, either deep in slumber or possibly dead, can be seen partially buried in the sand. In the center of the realm lies a golden oasis with a giant hourglass, the symbol of the Dragon God of Time.[2]

The Spilled Sand was accessed by the Vestige in the 2E 582 in pursuit of the Mask of Alkosh. The dragon Nahfahlaar described the realm as a myth made manifest that was simply a "trick of the mask".[3] The Khajiit hero Ja'darri described it as not a place, but rather a story being told again and again, though when pressed would not say outright if it was the realm of Alkosh.[1] Under the guidance of Ja'darri's spirit, the Vestige and Nahfahlaar performed a ritual through Alkosh that imbued the mask with the power to take on the dragon Laatvulon, and later Kaalgrontiid.[4]


  • Akatosh's avatar is a golden dragon.[5] A golden dragon in Sunspire Temple was mistaken for Alkosh,[6] and given the connections between the realm and Alkosh, it is likely the large golden dragon is a physical manifestation of him.



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