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The Radius
Type Region
Realm Mundus
Plane Clockwork City
Appears in ESO, Legends
The outskirts of the Clockwork City, the Radius circa 2E 582
The Halls of Regulation

The outskirts of Sotha Sil's Clockwork City is the wilderness known as the Radius. The Radius emulates the various biomes found across Tamriel, with an overlay of a harsh metallic desert. It is home to artificial flora and (mostly predatory) fauna that imitate those found across Nirn and has oily pools that substitutes as the realm's water. The oily pools which are home to various species of fabricant fish, is essentially waste that is a mixture of machine grease, fluids from both fabricants and people, and substances churned out by the factories beneath the surface.[1] Often the radius experiences inclement weather which may require the use of protective gear for the eyes as well as a rebreather for the lungs. Being unprepared with such gear will lead storm-blown metallic motes possibly damaging a person's lungs and can lead to a condition known as "Brass Lung".[2][3]

Notable Places[edit]

From the west to the east, a canyon known as the Insalubrious Effluvium stretches across the Radius. It is the place where the sewage of the realm goes to and runs through the synthetic swamp of the Mire Mechanica in the east. Of note in the swamp lies the laboratory of the mage Barilzar. The sewage then travels through from the mire to a dam, then into the Halls of Regulation where all liquids flows for the purpose of purification for drinkable water. The Halls of Regulation maintain the Clockwork City's breathable air and drinkable water, and precisely controls humidity, temperature, and wind currents.[4] Northeast of the Halls of Regulation is the Everwound Wellspring, one of the only places in the city where real flora can grow up until the mechanical Heart of Lorkhan brought genuine flora outside to the rest of the city.[5] South of the canyon is the Mnemonic Planisphere, a memory storage facility where Sotha Sil stored his memories.[6] South of that is the Elegiac Replication, a Memorial to people important to Sotha Sil's life and a blossoming place within the harsh synthetic realm.[7]

Of other places to note within the Radius is The Observatory Prior, located on the north west side of the realm on a mountain top. It served as both a laboratory and an observatory, and as The name implies, there may be an Observatory Final. The observatory highly resembles the Throne Aligned, Sotha Sil’s Control Room for the Clockwork City. To the southeast of that is The Vale of Tiers and its purpose purpose has been a matter of speculation. It is theorized that it is one of the places that lubricant and the dead organic matter goes to.[8] It is also home to the spectacle known as The Grand Prognosticator, a factotum capable of giving fortunes. The Clockwork City Vaults is a series of facilities that perform a various of functions and can be accessed South West of the Halls of Regulation. It Houses the Divinity Atelier and other places the Vestige traversed to get the radius from the Clockwork City Globe entrance. It is unknown where The Halls of Fabrication, the enormous processing facility which purpose refabricate Dwemer machinery, is located.



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