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The Tenarr Zalviit (Ta'agra for Night Stalkers[1]) were an ancient Khajiiti vampire clan that had resided in the Tenarr Zalviit Ossuary, a burial crypt in the Weeping Scar of Anequina, since at least the time of the Thrassian Plague. Under their Clan Mother, they lived a peaceful and pacifist life for many centuries, co-existing with the living Khajiit by watching over their dead in exchange for blood offerings.[2]

When the Knahaten Flu hit Orcrest, the ossuary's burial vaults were filled with the dead and clan numbers swelled when flu survivors were turned into vampires. This led to its own set of issues as the small clan's growth made it difficult to sate everyone's hunger. Their policy of feeding on thin-blooded animals in a region sparse of fauna led to them being weakened and vulnerable when a group of necromancers raided the crypts and killed the Clan Mother.[2] Rakazsa seized power and urged the clan to give in to their predatory nature and prey on passing caravans, citing the Clan Mother's weakness was due to their pacifism.[3]

Yushiha, an exile from the clan, sought help from the Vestige when a group of caravanners were abducted by the Tenarr Zalviit and held in the ossuary. The Vestige rescued them and killed Rakazsa[4], leaving the clan leaderless and vulnerable.


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