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A Tel Var stone as seen in ESO

Tel Var Stones are magical pieces of the White-Gold Tower that purportedly contain the essence of Creation.[1][2] According to Tower Lore, scholars postulate that when the Ayleids built the White-Gold Tower, they couldn't recreate their own Zero Stone, so they settled for Tel Var Stones. It's believed the stones are imbued with vast magical power that lies dormant within.[3][4] With further study, scholars believe details of the White-Gold Tower's construction could be revealed.[3] Experimentation on powdered stones revealed that all elements of magical practice reside within them.[5] Should the stones be destroyed, some believe that the essence of Creation within them is lost.[6]

During the Planemeld, vast legions of Daedra overran the Imperial City. The Daedra began to chip away at the White-Gold Tower and remove the stones for an unknown purpose.[2] Other accounts claim that fragments of the White-Gold Tower splintered from the structure by the stresses of Molag Bal's attempt to pull it into Coldharbour.[7]

Regardless, scholars feared that if enough stones were removed, Creation would be undone. To prevent this, certain individuals sought to recover the stolen pieces and repair the damage to the tower.[2] Others believe the magical properties of the stones could be used to fight back against the Daedra.[3] During this time, the Tel Var Stones were also used as currency by Alliance War soldiers exploring the sewers of the Imperial City, and the three Alliances competed for the stones.[8]


  • "Tel Var" is an adaptation of the Ayleidoon word for "Silver Star".[9]

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