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Temple depiction of Vivec wielding the Sword Not Held

The Sword Not Held is an artifact of the Tribunal god Vivec.[1] The Sword Not Held is a curved,[1] bright,[2] silver longsword[3] that, as the name implies, was not grasped when used in combat. When Vivec went to fight one of his monster children, Moon Axle, he learned that the monster was immune to spears. Instead of using his spear, Muatra, he used the Sword Not Held.[1] Vivec also utilized the blade to some degree against his other monster children, City-Face and the Ruddy Man.

A Dunmeri legend speaks of a battle between Vivec and the Daedric Prince Mehrunes Dagon in which Vivec gave the Daedra Lord his sword rather than dishonor himself by fighting an unarmed foe.[3] One particular Dunmeri fable claims Vivec severed a withered hand from a cripple using his sword in order to teach the lesson that it was better to let go of an evil thing than to cling to it for pity's sake.[2] Another legend speaks of a sword meeting between Vivec and Cyrus the Redguard in which Vivec wielded the Sword Not Held.[UOL 1]

Vivec is depicted with the artifact in various shrines and tapestries. Vivec's sigil was that of the sword, he was known as the Sword of the Triune, and his city was referred to as the City of Swords.[4]



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