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Swamp Jellies are floating creatures with an elastic, gelatinous bodies that are native to Black Marsh. They are described as having a disquieting resemblance to aquatic jellyfish that natural philosophers have no adequate explanation for.[1] They are extremely docile in nature and tend to live solitary lives from other swamp jelly, coming only together for spawn but are social animals. Their diet consists of bugs and make excellent travel companions for the marsh.

Various swamp jelly breeds exist, differing in their size, shape, and color. The majority are harmless, but some breeds, such as those located in the Deepmire, are capable of poisoning and killing you if you make brief contact with their tentacles.[2] Argonians use flavor themed naming conventions based on a swamp jelly's color hue. In Murkmire. Four breeds of Swamp Jellies can be found.[3] The Swamp Jellies of the region most commonly have frilled, bulbous bodies from which four tentacles hang.[2] The cantaloupe swamp jelly breed is named after its amber hue and is observed to be the most common swamp jelly in the region.[4] The mint swamp jelly breed is named after its green hue but coincidentally has a refreshing taste.[5] The blue swamp jelly breed has a blue hue but its flavor themed name is unknown. The plum swamp jelly breed is named after its violet hue and is the rarest breed. Seeing a plum swamp jelly is considered by many Argonians to be a sign of good fortune and Argonians wear their feeler as a "Good Luck Tentacle."[6]

They are related to the Netches of Morrowind. Some historians theorize that the relation may be a result of the Dark Elves raiding Black Marsh for thousands of years in an effort to bring back things they deemed valuable, such as slaves, livestock,and critters.[7]


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