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Stormkiss (Blades)
Tukushapal's Caverns

The Stormkiss is a legendary enchanted axe that belonged to the Olmgerd the Outlaw, a bastard son of Harald Hand-Free who fought and died in present-day Morrowind, where he was buried "as befits a Nord lord's son": on his ship, in the Tukushapal caverns, with his riches and his enchanted axe at some point in the First Era, after the death of his father in 1E 221.[1][2]

The axe was lost for centuries until the Nerevarine found and unearthed it from an ancient tomb in Morrowind in 3E 427.[3][4]

As of ca. 4E 180 it was owned by the Warrior.[3][5]

Although there is no doubt that the axe was enchanted, various accounts portray it differently. According to some the Stormkiss was imbued with powerful shock enchantment,[6] but other accounts claim it was imbued with the frost enchantment that also drained the magicka from the target.[3]

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