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Dranos Velador, founder of the Silken Ring

The Silken Ring was a group of assassins comprised of deserters from the Dark Brotherhood, the Morag Tong and the Shadowscales.[1] The organization was founded by an ex-Morag Tong operative and lead by a figure known as the Lady of Lace. The Silken Ring murdered their former associates from rival assassin groups, killed other guilds' informants and stole contracts from their rivals to please Mephala.[1]

The Silken Ring operated out of what they called the Cradle of Shadows, a cavern beneath an abandoned Colovian fort where one of Mephala's servants, the Lady of Lace, made her lair. The complex was located in the Shadowfen region of Black Marsh. Deep within the caves, Nirn and the Spiral Skein converged. An overwhelming, all-encompassing darkness permeated the cavern. Spiders lurked in every corner, and Spiderkith stalked the halls. The Lady, known as Velidreth, was responsible for the state of the caverns where she dwelled, holding the shadowy nexus together through force of will.[2] The Spiderkith hatched and raised spiders within the Cradle, feeding live mortals to their brood to sustain them. The Silken Ring often provided blood to feed the fledglings.[3]

Velidreth compelled assassins to join the Silken Ring. Mortals who approached her domain felt an inexplicable urge to seek out the Lady of Lace,[4] who sometimes spoke telepathically to prospective members.[2] She convinced them to deceive and betray their fellow assassins or otherwise perform acts that reflect Mephala's sphere of influence.[5] In order to join the Silken Ring, an assassin needed to prove themselves worthy of Velidreth's blessings. This could be achieved by lulling one of their kin into a false sense of security and murdering them in cold blood.[6] In exchange for their service, Velidreth granted members of the Silken Ring great power.[4]

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