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Shadowrend is a Daedric artifact which takes the form of a shadowy two-handed ebony weapon. It is associated with the Grove of Reflection in the Shivering Isles, an underground chamber which can only be accessed by those the grove deems worthy.[1] The grove has the potential to "show men who they truly are"; an ancient runestone in the center of the grove has the power to summon a shadowy doppelganger of anyone who approaches.[2][3] These doppelgangers have been known to wield Shadowrend in battle, and those who manage to defeat their shadow may then claim the weapon for themselves.

Shadowrend can appear as both a claymore and a battleaxe (indeed, both can appear together), but only one version of the weapon may be wielded.[4] Both versions are powerful weapons in their own right, and are known to bear enchantments which damage health or cause weakness to magic.[5] The claymore version is known to sometimes possess decorative serpentine imagery on the hilt.[6]


In 3E 433, the Champion of Cyrodiil was sent to the Grove of Reflection by Dyus of Mytheria in order to mantle Sheogorath and stop the Greymarch. Dyus required a screaming branch from the Tree of Shades in order to craft the physical shell of the Staff of Sheogorath, but the Tree did not give up its branch willingly. A shadowy doppelganger wielding Shadowrend was summoned when the Champion entered the grove, but the Champion successfully defeated the shadow and claimed the weapon.[7] It is unknown if the Champion recovered the claymore or the battleaxe version of Shadowrend.[8]

In 4E 201, a shadowy anomaly appeared in a geyser pool in Eastmarch, surrounding some skeletal remains. The Last Dragonborn was drawn to the pool by an inner voice, and approaching the anomaly caused Shadowrend to be summoned. The weapon pulled a dark shadow from within the Dragonborn, creating a hostile doppelganger. With the shadow defeated, the Dragonborn was able to claim Shadowrend, and could utilize the anomaly in order to switch between the claymore and battleaxe at will.[9]


  • The Onyx Saber is identical to appearance to Shadowrend's sword form, while the Onyx Cleaver are identical in appearance to Shadowrend's axe form. In addition, the Onyx Cleaver is made of petrified shadows, a similar theme to Shadowrend.


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