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Selene's Web
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Valenwood
Appears in Arena, ESO
Selene's Web circa 2E 582
The fortress at Selene's Web during the Imperial Simulacrum

Selene's Web is a region of Valenwood ruled over by Selene, an ancient Changeling and the High Priestess of Shagrath, God of Spiders. The exact extent of the region is unknown; entrances exist southeast of Elden Root,[1] in the forests of southwestern Jodewood, and in southeastern Malabal Tor.[2]

The forests of Selene's Web are known for their vigorous, unwholesome growth.[2] In the early Second Era, the Great Mage Vanus Galerion attempted to set up the first continental branch of the newly-formed Mages Guild in the Bosmeri capital of Elden Root, and was sent by the Silvenar to explore the uncharted fen east of Silvenar in an attempt to deter him. At the time, this region was known only as "the Web", and was the only part of Valenwood that the Bosmer knew little of; those who entered the quagmire never returned. Taking up the challenge, Galerion and his guild mages entered Selene's domain and were captured by Selene. She eventually agreed to release the mages provided the Guild would never intrude uninvited again and would bargain on her behalf to prevent the Bosmer from encroaching on her territory. The Silvenar and Green Lady were unsettled to discover the existence of a Changeling, but agreed to respect the boundaries of her domain.[3]

In 2E 582, Warlock Carindon of the Mages Guild betrayed Galerion's accord and launched an expedition into the forest to search for Selene. They were attacked by Selene's Bosmer and Khajiit followers, as well as woodland creatures, hoarvors, and spiders. The expedition was ultimately successful in dispelling the magic barrier around Selene's sanctum, slaying her, and capturing her soul for study.[2] He departed Selene's Web and brought her soul to the Tenmar Valley near the Elsweyr border to continue his study in peace, fearing the consequences should the Guild learn of his actions. Selene's soul was eventually freed from Carindon's bindings after the dragon Maarselok invaded the valley, and she dedicated herself to cleansing the valley of Azureblight corruption after the dragon was defeated.[4]

Some time after this, Selene constructed a fortress in Selene's Web. She attempted to conquer the whole of Valenwood during the Imperial Simulacrum with an army of spiders, and proposed that the Bosmer come to Selene's Web to surrender. Instead, Queen Ulandra of Elden Root sent the Eternal Champion into the fortress to steal the Heart of Selene, a great jewel in which she had infused her lifeforce. The fortress was filled with spiders, undead, and various other monstrosities.[1]


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