Lore:Satakalaam (county)

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This article is about the Third Era county. For the city, see Satakalaam.

Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Hammerfell
Appears in Daggerfall
The area in which Satakalaam is found

Satakalaam was a county on the western coast of Hammerfell, on the eastern coast of the Iliac Bay. To its east lay Mournoth; to the south, Totambu; while Lainlyn was situated to the west.[1] Its provincial seat shared the same name.

On 3rd of Sun's Dusk, the region celebrated a holiday named "Serpent's Dance", which seemed to celebrate a now-forgotten serpent god dating back to the time when the Redguards lived in their former home of Yokuda.[2] In 3E 417, the Montalion bloodline predominated among vampires in the region.

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