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Red Bramman
LG-cardart-Red Bramman.png
Red Bramman
Race Argonian Gender Male
Resided in Black Marsh
Appears in Legends

Red Bramman was an infamous First Era brigadier based in Black Marsh, who gained notoriety due to his piracy against the Alessian Empire in Topal Bay. He was an Argonian,[1] but was documented by Imperial historians as one of the first men to venture deep into the Marsh.[2][3] Bramman earned the nickname "Red" due to his red hair, which he possessed despite being an Argonian.[1]

Bramman and other brigands used the swamplands of Black Marsh to disappear without recourse after raiding the easily accessible riches of the Empire. Bramman established a bandit kingdom deep within the swamps, near the site of the future city of Blackrose. It was connected to Topal Bay by a narrow, winding river that emptied into the Bay near Soulrest, and was shrouded from view by mangroves. According to Imperial accounts, Bramman and similar human brigands were the first contact most Argonians had with Imperial civilisation. They raped, pillaged, and enslaved the natives, causing Argonians to become skittish of the Alessian Empire.[2][3]

In 1E 1033, Empress Hestra demanded Red Bramman's head. After many unsuccessful battles in Topal Bay, the Imperial Navy discovered Bramman's river and sent a fleet to catch Bramman in his brigand kingdom in what became known as the Raid of Red Bramman.[3] His head was brought before the Empress, but more importantly the fleet's expedition resulted in the Empire's first reliable accounts of Argonian culture. The Imperials attempted to settle along the pirate routes and were successful in driving the pirates out of Black Marsh, but the province was largely left alone until its eventual conquering by the Second Empire centuries later.[2][3]

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