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Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Elsweyr
Region Tenmar Forest
Appears in ESO
Temple of Ja'darri ca. 2E 582

Pridehome is a monastery found deep in the jungle reaches of the Tenmar Forest, in the province of Elsweyr. It is a place of meditation for those that worship the Dragon-King of Cats, Alkosh and prepare for the end times when dragons return after years of extinction.[1] It is the home of the Pride of Alkosh, a group of warrior-monks that consist of the Forgotten Manes, who dedicate themselves to maintaining peace throughout the province until they pass on.[2]


Pridehome was built in the late First Era (sometime during the reign of Reman I)[3] by the Forgotten Mane, Ja'darri, before she fell in battle against the Black Beast at Doomstone Keep. The Grandmaster of the Dragonguard, Vashu-Pir called to the moon-priests of Pridehome for help and defeated the dragon with the wisdom of Alkosh.[4] It has since brought other Forgotten Manes in, giving them a purpose in life, as they are overseen and cared for by the clanmother.[1]

In 2E 582, one of their own Forgotten Manes, Ra'khajin had left the monastery when he learned all that he could from Alkosh, but felt that he could overcome the other spirits of Elsweyr, like Azurah, and felt that he need to rule over his people.[5] He became manipulated by the returned Black Beast, Laatvulon, who promised him the power of the New Moon, turning him his Dragon Priest.[6] From then on, Ra'khajin created the Order of the New Moon and gathered significant influence throughout the region. All of which lead to the razing of Pridehome and the slaughter of its priesthood. The Clanmother, Hizuni was killed in action, but the Dragonguard intervened and dispelled the order before any further damage occurred.[7]


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