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This article is about the extant Thrassian structure. For the historic Thrassian structure, see Coral Tower (Thras). For the Coldharbour reconstruction, see Coral Tower (Coldharbour).

Pillar of Thras
Type Tower
Continent Thras

The Pillar of Thras is a thousand foot tall spiral of coral that stands on the largest island of Thras, in the Sea of Pearls. The Sload are known to perform Daedric sacrifices by pushing victims from the top of the pillar. These sacrifices are sometimes known to disappear into Oblivion before being dashed on the rocks below, although not even the Sload seem to understand why only some are taken.[1]

It has been speculated that the Pillar of Thras was built by the Sload as a replacement for the Coral Tower,[2] which was destroyed by the All-Flags Navy circa 1E 2260. The Coral Tower seemingly had a portal to Coldharbour at its apex[3] and is theorised to have had a purpose similar to the other Towers of Nirn, acting as both a focus and a projector of mystical power. However, it is unknown if either structures are true Towers, or simply failed imitations similar to the Doomcrag.[2]

Rumors of the Sloads' plans to reconstruct their Tower had already spread to Tamriel by 2E 582, although it is unknown when construction commenced. It is speculated that the Pillar was built by the Sload by magically inducing coral to grow rapidly skyward, in a similar manner to many of their more mundane structures.[2]


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