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Type Settlement
Realm Oblivion
Plane Shivering Isles
Region The Fringe
Appears in The Shivering Isles
Passwall circa 3E 433

Passwall is the main settlement within the Fringe, a region of the Shivering Isles separated by high walls from the realm proper. Mortals who find themselves in this realm of Oblivion are usually restricted to the Fringe until they have received Lord Sheogorath's "gift" of madness and can enter the realm through the Gates of Madness. Many such individuals take up residence in Passwall while they wait for Sheogorath's blessing to take hold.[1]


The Forces of Order invading Passwall

The history of Passwall is unknown. Given that the Fringe is the first region of the Isles conquered during every Greymarch,[2] it is unknown if the town existed prior to the Third Era. The residents of Passwall at the end of the Third Era reportedly found the town's buildings abandoned and well-provisioned upon their arrival; the first of these arrivals was a Redguard madman named Shelden, who proclaimed himself mayor.[3]

Circa 3E 433, the Champion of Cyrodiil passed through the town and killed the Gatekeeper guarding the Gates of Madness, allowing the residents of Passwall access to the rest of the Isles.[4] Following the Gatekeeper's death, the Fringe was temporarily replaced by the facility at Xedilian as the destination for adventurous mortals attempted to enter the realm.[5]

When the Greymarch began later that year, the Fringe fell to the Forces of Order, and the remaining residents of Passwall either scattered or joined Jyggalag to become Priests of Order. The army of Sheogorath made its last stand at the ruins of Passwall, and managed to hold the line long enough for the Champion of Cyrodiil to shut down the Obelisk of Order in Xeddefen, halting the invasion.[2] The Fringe was eventually retaken once the Greymarch was halted, although few of Passwall's residents remained.[6]

Passwall was still in existence circa 4E 201, at which point it was supposedly home to a talking grapefruit named Stanley.[7]


  • The town is not to be confused with the Passwall spell, a spell effect in Arena which allowed the caster to tunnel through solid walls. Knowledge of this spell had been lost by 3E 427.[8]

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