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Basalt chunks
Found in:


Fine chalk
Found in:


Granite chunk
Found in:


Grit-rock is known to have been used in sanding wooden planks.[1]

Gypsum Alabaster[edit]

A sculpture of Morwha in gypsum alabaster

Gypsum alabaster was used extensively by the Lefthanded Elves.[2]

Heart Stone[edit]

A heart stone deposit

A Heart Stone (also spelled Heartstone) is an unusual type of ore mined from deposits which appeared in Solstheim in the Fourth Era. Though deposits of them have been known to exist in the Brothers of Strife ruins in Stonefalls circa 2E 582, it is suspected that the deposits surfaced during the cataclysms of the Red Year; Master Neloth of House Telvanni suspected that the material came from Red Mountain and was flung along with other materials to Solstheim during its eruption. Even two centuries later, they still smolder with the heat of the mountain. These are the molten rocks that lay next to the Heart of Lorkhan for millennia, and some vestige of its power has seeped into them. Heart stones sometimes raise Ash Spawn from the bits of bone buried in the nearby ash. Through trial and error, one of his apprentices learned that a stone was needed to prevent an ash guardian summoned through Conjuration from attacking the caster. The stones can also be used for the enchanting purposes. Ildari Sarothril, a different apprentice of Neloth's, was killed during an experiment but was brought back to life when one of these stones was grafted to her. Ildari learned that a stone could be used to prevent necromantic spells from wearing off.

Found in:


Holystone is a light pumice sometimes used to clean the decks of ships.[1]


ON-item-furnishing-Stone, Anvil Limestone.jpg
Found in:



Marble (?). Amber marble is sometimes used in equipment redolent of Hollowjack.[3]

Found in:

Night Pumice[edit]

Night Pumice pebble

Night Pumice is sometimes used in crafting ebony equipment.

Found in:


A nirncrux vein

Nirncrux, commonly called red brittle, shake stone or miner's bane, is a red stone found only in Craglorn. In its raw form, it releases a poisonous gas when cracked which can cause symptoms ranging from nausea, body tremors, and disorientation to convulsions, slurred speech, memory loss and death. The Nedes learnt how to harness its ability to absorb and distribute Aetherial energy.

Found in:



Ochre is an orange clay pigment. Torval Royal Ochre, a rare and valuable pigment that comes from the aforementioned clay is found in the area of Torval.[4]

Found in:


Salt piles
Found in:


Ancient sandstone
Found in:


Found in:


Sulfur pools

Tel Var Stones[edit]

A Tel Var Stone

Tel Var Stones are magical pieces of the White-Gold Tower that purportedly contain the essence of Creation. According to Tower Lore, scholars postulate that when the Ayleids built the White-Gold Tower, they couldn't recreate their own Zero Stone, so they settled for Tel Var Stones. It's believed the stones are imbued with vast magical power that lies dormant within. With further study, scholars believe details of the White-Gold Tower's construction could be revealed. Experimentation on powdered stones revealed that all elements of magical practice reside within them. Should the stones be destroyed, some believe that the essence of Creation within them is lost.

Found in:


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