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Dwynnen (Daggerfall)

The Order of the Raven (also called the Knights of the Raven)[1]:100 is a knightly order found in the Barony of Dwynnen. They are a legendary order that fought behind Baron Othrok in his battle against the Camoran Usurper and the Nightmare Host that plagued the region in 3E 267.[2] Ever since then, their purpose is to protect the royal family of Dwynnen and the region. They have a high standard for recruits, as they only accept the greatest warriors that can remain loyal to the Barony.[3]


The order's earliest iteration was founded in the Third Era, under the command of the warrior, Othrok. In 3E 253, Haymon Camoran had taken control of Dwynnen and inflicted the Nightmare Host onto the region, where the people were ruled by a lich and his dark army of monsters. The Baron came from the wilderness, blessed by the gods and granted an army of warriors and animals to destroy the undead until he retook Castle Wightmoor and become the first Baron of Dwynnen. The war advanced south until the barony had reached the Iliac Bay and ended with the Battle of Firewaves in 3E 267.[4] In the wake of the battle, Baron Othrok appointed his soldiers as the vanguard of Dwynnen, under the new name, the Order of the Raven.[3]

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