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The Order of Diagna was a Yokudan[1] order of Ansei[2] that would go one to become of the many knightly orders in the Hammerfell area.[3] It is devoted to the Redguard deity Diagna, "Orichalc God of the Sideways Blade".[4] Initiates wishing to join the Order must play the part of the Orcs in their annual recreation of the Siege of Orsinium.[3] The order was mentioned as being extinct by the Third Era.[5]

The Order was chiefly involved in the invasion of Orsinium, which lasted for thirty years.[6][7] Fighters from the Order of Diagna kept totems of Diagna for luck during the siege.[8] The leader of the order, Gaiden Shinji, was killed during the siege.[6] His aide was Windwalker Tamahl, a member of the Order.[9] Armiger Rhina was an Armiger in the Order of Diagna who died in the final days of the Siege of Orsinium. Born in the siege camp there, she spent her entire twenty-six years fighting the Orcs, where her sacrifice was said to have brought the Redguards victory.[10]


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