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Naril's Notes: Origins
Research notes on the origins of the Everwound Wellspring

Sotha Sil manipulated the mathematics and applied the magicka necessary to call forth a huge reservoir of water, which he placed within a chasm in the Clockwork City. He sealed the great pool beneath a thick layer of metallic soil with the intention of creating a lush oasis inside his mechanical wonder. He called it the Everwound Wellspring and explained a little of his grand plan to his apostles. But the Clockwork God, easily distracted by other challenges and countless mysteries, stepped away to deal with other things and never returned. In time, his apostles moved on as well.

All except for me. I believed in the oasis project. I understood the vital need it fulfilled for the Clockwork City. So I began to work on the Wellspring myself, eventually attracting apprentices of my own. Soon, this compound rose up from the metallic dust and our experiments took on greater depth and significance. Our earliest successes revolved around mosses, molds, and fungi—living creatures that could thrive in a dark environment with nothing more than water and a bit of fertilizer to nourish them. Bolstered by our accomplishment, I set our sights on the most elusive prize.

I turned our efforts to growing actual fruits, plants, and vegetables to supplement the diets of the Clockwork City's living inhabitants.