Lore:Sands Behind the Stars

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The Far Shores
Type Plane
Realm Aetherius
Appears in ESO
Khenarthi guiding a spirit to the Sands Behind the Stars

The Sands Behind the Stars, also known as Llesw'er, is the realm to which the souls of Khajiit travel at the end of their days. Described as a paradise promised to the Khajiit by the Riddle'Thar, souls are carried there by Khenarthi's embrace, as long as they have followed the true path of the moons. Choice plays a central role in the process of death and rebirth for Khajiit, who have to earn their way to paradise, as Khenarthi rewards their faithfulness.[1] It is said that the realm is filled with dunes formed of sugar, and a "warmth without end".[2][3] Legends state that the name "Llesw'er" may have been the inspiration for name of the Khajiiti homeland, Elsweyr.[4] It is said that Khajiiti spirits await here until the Next Pounce,[3] where Khenarthi will call upon their combined might to fight for creation at the end of time.[5] It is also believed that it is in the Moonshadow where Azurah tends the Gates of the Crossing—the bridge between Nirni and the afterlife beyond.[6][7] It is at this place where Khajiit souls initially go, and if deemed worthy, they are then guided to the Sands Behind the Stars.[8]:152

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