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The Imperial Saints are pious individuals venerated by the Church, the majority religion among Imperials.[1][2][3] Devotions are often made to them as a group, known collectively as the Communion of Saints.[4]

Many saints are historical figures who continue to be revered long after death.[1][3][5] The Church also venerates Living Saints, individuals who have received a calling to live by the commands of their chosen Divine as an example to others.[6] It is believed that saints are blessed by the Divines with a second sight and that they do not view the world as other mortals do.[7] Saints are buried in the graves of Green Emperor Way among other important figures in the Empire.[4]

The practice of saint-eating was popular in the First Era before it was banned at some point prior to 1E 2877.[8][9] This involved the disinterring of a saint's body for use as an ingredient in the preparation of food. However, apocryphal accounts suggest the practice did not immediately cease.[8] An ancient text called the "Scroll of Precursor Saints" was supposedly discovered by Abnur Tharn in the vaults of the White-Gold Tower in 2E 541.[10]

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  • Temple Saints — Saints of the Tribunal Temple.
  • Drake of Blades — Immortal guardian of the Dragonfires who wielded precognitive powers akin to those of the Imperial Saints.