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A Maormer leviathan with pearly white skin

Leviathans are a feared variety of cold-blooded Maormer known for their size, brutish strength and animalistic demeanor. Rumors on Tamriel hold that they were born from "some unholy and sorcerous coupling of Sea Elf and Sea Serpent".[1] Other Maormer sometimes accompany leviathans in an attempt to keep their aggressive tendencies in check.[2]

Leviathans are typically hunched in a beastly posture, appearing arched like a serpent ready to strike and rarely stand fully upright, but on the occasions they do the leviathans tower above even the tallest Nords. Despite unevenly swaying side to side when moving, almost as if unused to having legs, they're incredibly agile and can effortlessly climb up slippery and wet surfaces, like the hulls of ships. These scaled elves are also capable of dislocating and stretching their jaws out to swallow prey.[1] Despite their bestial and seemingly animal-like nature, at least some leviathans are capable of casting spells.[3]

Leviathan warriors accompanied the Maormer Storm Sharks during an attack on Sunhold circa 2E 582.[4]

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