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Legate Rikke
SR-npc-Legate Rikke.jpg
Legate Rikke as seen in Skyrim
Race Nord Gender Female
Born 4th Era
Resided in Skyrim
Appears in Skyrim, Legends

Legate Rikke was a Cyro-Nord[1] commander of the Imperial Legion during the Stormcloak Rebellion. The Legate followed in the footsteps of her parents, who are also Legionnaires. During the Great War, she fought side-by-side with Ulfric Stormcloak and many others who would later become Stormcloaks. Though she came to believe Ulfric was a self-serving ego-maniac, she once counted him and many of his followers as friends. She held a great deal of anger toward Ulfric, as she believed the Empire was the best chance at victory against the Thalmor, but also deeply saddened by his decisions. She continued to worship Talos privately despite the White-Gold Concordat.[2]

During the Stormcloak Rebellion, she was the chief lieutenant of General Tullius, who ran the Empire's campaign. She was his closest adviser and strategist, and often gave him insights on Nordic culture that he, a Cyrodiil-born Imperial, did not know or fully appreciate. They had disagreements, but she believed Tullius was the best hope for Skyrim and the Empire. Rikke had a great many duties, including local recruiting in Solitude, though she frequently found herself fighting, coordinating scouts, and manipulating enemy intelligence on the front lines.[2]


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