Lore:Kurallian Mountains

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Kurallian Mountains
Type Mountain Range
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Region Rivenspire
Appears in ESO
The Doomcrag Spire in the Kurallians

The Kurallian Mountains are a mountain range in the province of High Rock, specifically in the region of Rivenspire. The Kurallian Mountains make up the mountain range throughout Rivenspire, encompassing both the city-state of Shornhelm, as well as the spire known as the Doomcrag. Shornhelm is found upon the foothills of the Kurallian, along with the towns of Crestshade and Fell's Run.[1]


Gyron Vardengroet, otherwise known as the Sage, had initially traveled through the foothills to reach Shornhelm, where he went under the tutelage of the Mages Guild Guildmaster, Morkledder. When his training was ultimately complete from the Council of Wizards at the Crystal Tower, the Sage retired deep into the Kurallian Mountains, where he built a magical fortress where only those deemed worthy would enter.[2] Ever since then, monuments of the Sage had existed all throughout the Iliac Bay, from as far as Daggerfall and the Dragontail Mountains.[3]