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Kathutet circa 3E 433 (Oblivion)
Race Dremora Gender (no gender)
Appears in Oblivion, ESO
"Come. As an equal, I shall grace your name and corpse with honor." —Kathutet[1]

Kathutet is a Dremora whose clan is based at Ganonah, a region of the Deadlands. His kin include Amkaos, Ranyu, and Orthe.[2] The Xivilai Anaxes serves him as one of his agents.[1]

Along with Amkaos and Ranyu, Kathutet once served Molag Bal as a torturer. In 2E 582, the three Dremora were sent to Tamriel by Bal to defend a Dark Anchor. However, they were swiftly banished by the Fighters Guild and the Anchor was released.[3] Some time after this, all three came into the service of Mehrunes Dagon.

In 3E 433, the Sigil Tower at Ganonah was used during the sacking of Kvatch, and a single Oblivion Gate linking the region to Tamriel was left open following the attack. Kathutet's clan subsequently suffered swift retribution from the Hero of Kvatch, who entered the portal and destroyed the tower. This earned the hero great respect among clanmembers, Kathutet included.[1]

Kathutet himself was not present at Ganonah at the time, as he had been ordered by Dagon to serve Mankar Camoran in Gaiar Alata. He was charged with keeping order in the Savage Garden, where the souls of "unmortal" Mythic Dawn members took part in ceaseless combat to prove themselves. Kathutet despised their cowardice, and was humiliated when Anaxes was trapped in a cave by the cultists. When the Hero of Kvatch entered Gaiar Alata in search of the Amulet of Kings, Kathutet offered to take the hero into his service out of respect for the deeds at Ganonah.[1] In return for freeing Anaxes, Kathutet would grant passage into the Forbidden Grotto, where Amkaos, Ranyu and Orthe tortured dissenting unmortals. It is unknown if the hero served Kathutet or defeated him in combat, or both.[4]



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