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ON-npc-Ja'darri 02.jpg
Ja'darri the Endless
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Appears in ESO
"She was kind, immeasurably so. I suspect she had overcome a great sorrow, for she had a way of finding the light in the darkest of times. The good in the cruelest of souls. And she was strong, in body and heart. Strong enough to brave anything." —Nahfahlaar on Ja'darri

Ja'darri the Endless (also known the Endless One[1] and in the dragon tongue as Toshrakhat), was an ancient Khajiiti hero who founded Pridehome and formed the Pride of Alkosh.[2][3] She bore the Mask of Alkosh, a relic capable of granting the bearer immense power when tapped into by a Dragon.

In life, Ja'darri was a member of Reman's Dragonguard.[4][5] She formed an unlikely alliance with the red Dragon Nahfahlaar, who grew to respect her enough to give her a Dragon name and grant her a boon in the form of his horn, which was later named after her.[4] Ja'darri was born under the Dark Moons, and thus was of Mane furstock but ultimately was not destined to become the spiritual leader of the Khajiit.[6] Later in life, she found that she could hear the beating of Lorkhaj's heart.[6] She was slowly drifting off the Path, and on the cusp of giving in and becoming a Dro-m'Athra.[6] To prevent herself from falling to Namiira, she underwent a trial with Khenarthi's blessing to fight her inner darkness.[6] She would succeed, and be granted the Mask of Alkosh.[6] She was then was tasked by Alkosh to use the mask to extinguish a creature that threatened to unravel all of time: Laatvulon, the Demon from the East.[6] Ja’darri petitioned Nahfahlaar to imbue the Mask of Alkosh with his power to help defeat his ancient foe Laatvulon.[4] In an act he would later regret, he refused, leaving the Dragonguard to fight Laatvulon with limited power.[4] They would ultimately succeed in imprisoning Laatvulon but it cost Ja'darri her life.[7][4] Upon death, she was said to join Alkosh in a realm beyond even the Sands Behind the Stars.[7]

In the year 2E 582, Laatvulon had been freed from his imprisonment and was wreaking havoc on Elsweyr.[8] Nahfahlaar and the Vestige accessed a realm known as the Spilled Sand seeking to imbue the Mask of Alkosh in order to stop Laatvulon.[9] Under the guidance of Ja’darri’s spirit, the two performed a ritual to imbue the mask and would ultimately defeat Laatvulon and later Kaalgrontiid.[9]



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