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Vicecanon Heita-Meen
ON-npc-Vicecanon Heita-Meen.jpg
Vicecanon Heita-Meen
Race Argonian Gender Female
Born 2nd Era
Resided in Stomhold, Black Marsh
Appears in ESO

Vicecanon Heita-Meen was an Argonian ex-slave who served as a vicecanon in Stormhold during the time of the Ebonheart Pact. She is largely responsible for the Argonians' entry into the Pact.[1]

Heita-Meen was born during the mid-Second Era and raised as a house-slave, receiving little education.[2] Her master was Councilman Glathis Dres of House Dres, known for his cruelty even by Dres standards. She worked on a saltrice plantation in Thorn. Circa 2E 572, after being beaten unconscious for seating the guests at a banquet out of order, she planned an escape with her fellow slaves. They fled into the Thornmarsh, and stumbled into a troop of treacherous Argonians from the Archein tribe, who were employed by the Dres. It was while she was held captive in the Archein village that Heita-Meen received a vision from the Hist, who wanted her to defend the Nords and Dunmer in battle.[1]

The Archeins escorted them back to Thorn, which was nearly empty of Dunmer following Almalexia's call to arms to defend Morrowind against the Second Akaviri Invasion. Seeing this, Heita-Meen strangled Glathis with his own whip, and swiftly challenged the centurion of the Archein guards for her position by right-of-combat. After killing the centurion and gaining command of the Archeins, Heita-Meen marched on Stormhold, intending to do the same there. Instead, the troop encountered Walks-in-Ash, who was able to convince Stormhold's Shellbacks to join without bloodshed. The army then marched on Stonefalls in Morrowind to fight the Akaviri. They arrived at the final battle near Ebonheart and helped to send the invaders fleeing.[1]

The Argonians' participation in the battle helped contribute to the signing of the Ebonheart Pact between Eastern Skyrim, Morrowind, and Black Marsh. Heita-Meen was released from slavery and appointed as the Argonian vicecanon of Stormhold, where she shared power with the Nord Vicecanon Hrondar and the Dunmer Vicecanon Servyna. Guided by the Hist, Heita-Meen's actions had allowed the Argonians to preserve their culture and reclaim their lands under the Pact.[1]

At some point between 2E 578 and 2E 581 she met with Flaccus Terentius and given him a guide to travel throughout Shadowfen.[3]

In 2E 582, Vicecanon Hrondar was assassinated by the Aldmeri Dominion, who replaced him with a skin-stealer in preparation for a full invasion of Shadowfen. The Dominion then began murdering Stormhold citizens for use by the skin-stealers, targeting only Dunmer in order to shift the blame onto disgruntled former slaves or Shadowscale assassins. Eventually the Dominion's actions came to light, and Heita-Meen journeyed with the other vicecanons to the ruins of Ten-Maur-Wolk, where they became trapped by Dominion forces. The Pact successfully defeated the invaders at the Battle of Ten-Maur-Wolk, and Hrondar was revealed to be an imposter. Along with Servyna, Heita-Meen travelled throughout Shadowfen in an attempt to disrupt the invasion's sinister intentions: to destroy the Argonians' connection to the Hist, resulting in the theoretical extinction of the race.[4]

Along with the Vestige, Heita-Meen entered the Dominion-occupied ruins of Loriasel, which housed the Mnemic Egg. After defeating the invasion's mastermind, an Altmer alchemist named Ruuvitar, Heita-Meen approached the Egg and became trapped in a vision of the Hist, whose collective consciousness had been partially corrupted by the Dominion. The Vestige entered into the same vision and saved the Hist, rescuing Heita-Meen from her trance. Following the Dominion's defeat, she transported the Mnemic Egg to Windhelm for safe storage, and attended the Konunleikar festival thrown in High King Jorunn's honor. The Egg was later pledged to the Pact at a Great Moot at Skuldafn, as a representation of the Argonian people's commitment to the alliance.[4]

Heita-Meen is the author of From Argonian to Saxhleel.


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