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Hakon One-Eye
SR-npc-Hakon One-Eye.jpg
Hakon One-Eye in Sovngarde (Skyrim)
Race Nord Gender Male
Born Merethic Era
Resided in Skyrim
Appears in Skyrim, Legends

Hakon One-Eye was a Nord hero and Tongue in the Merethic Era. Hakon, Felldir the Old, and Gormlaith Golden-Hilt were the leaders of the rebellion against Alduin.[1] They were among the first mortals to learn how to wield the thu'um, apart from the Dragon Priests.[1][2] During the Dragon War, Hakon sought the help of Miraak, the First Dragonborn, in defeating Alduin, but Miraak refused to help.[3] Undeterred, Hakon and his companions fought against Alduin atop the Throat of the World. Finding that they had no means to achieve a final victory, the companions successfully sent the wyrm forward through time using an Elder Scroll. In the Fourth Era, when the Last Dragonborn entered the realm of Sovngarde to defeat Alduin, the spirits of Hakon and his compatriots joined the fray in the final battle against their nemesis.[1]


  • During the TES V: Skyrim quest Alduin's Bane, Gormlaith refers to Hakon as "brother", though it's unknown if this is literal or figurative.

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