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Mount Kilkreath
Type Mountain
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold Haafingar
Appears in Skyrim, ESO
The Kilkreath Ruins ca. 4E 201

Mount Kilkreath (also called Kilkreath Mountain[1] or the Haafingar Mountains)[2]:418 is a vast mountain range that stretches across the Haafingar Hold, in the northwest portion of Skyrim. The city of Solitude is built on the eastern end of the mountain, on the natural arch that covers the Karth River called the Great Arch. From there the mountain continues west into the hold's outskirts until it meets the Druadach Mountains, which forms the provincial border.[3]


Shalidor's Meditation Grotto
The Sea Cavern underneath Mt. Kilkreath

The southern face of Mount Kilkreath is steep from the spine of the mountain, to the Karth River down below, but is certainly scaleable. From the Dragon Bridge to the west, the main road travels northeast until it reaches the Great Arch and Solitude. Along this path is a gradual incline between the rocky cliff and plots of land layered over each other. On the rocky cliff is the everpresent Kilkreath Temple and its landmark, the Statue of Meridia. Several people build camps on the plots of land, from Stormcloaks[4] to local giants,[5] and even the Arch-Mage Shalidor, who built a meditation grotto. By the time you reach Solitude, the main road splits between the road to the city, and the road that descends down the mountain and around the coast. It's a high drop from the southern part of the mountain to the Karth River, even from Dragon Bridge, where the waterfall starts. Underneath Solitude is a vast sea cavern that is currently used by the East Empire Company as a storehouse.[3]

Near Dragon Bridge is a fork in the road that also goes north into the mountain's spine, a snow-laden forest that continues out into Karthald and Skyrim's borderlands. The main roads of Haafingar all lead into this thoroughfare, which keeps moving west until it reaches a mountain path and subsequently towards High Rock. Some maps show it reach across the border to the city, Jehanna.[6][7] There are several landmarks throughout this area, such as Wolfskull Cave, where Queen Potema conducted necromantic rituals in the latter years of the War of the Red Diamond.[8] There is also the Steed Stone, one of Skyrim's legendary Standing Stones. Sometime in the Fourth Era, the Thalmor of Skyrim built their embassy near the peak of Mount Kilkreath.[3] Underneath the mountain is a lush, hidden valley called Shadowgreen, where many creatures go to hide from the harsh northern weather.[9] Deeper in the cave is a large icy inlet to the north, a lava stream deep under the mountain, and a large, natural stone tower covered in a forest.[10]

The mountain's north face is very steep, with no path down the mountain. There's also no visible road along the coast, at least not since the mid-Second Era. The main road from Solitude's docks swings around the east coast and the mountain, eventually passing the entrance into Shadowgreen Cavern. From the ruined tower, the road swirves up the mountain and reaches the road on the mountain's spine.[3] But back in the mid-Second Era, the road had split into a fork here and continued on the coast until it reconvened with the other path near Dragonhome. Giants, specifically Sea Giants tend to camp across the north coast, hence why its called the Giant's Coast.[11] There are several caves here in the region, on the mountain, and these range from Ravenscar and Brinewater in the east, to Steepfall and Rimerock in the west.[3]

Notable Locales[edit]

Fort Hraggstad
Haafingar's regional stronghold, built on the main road that runs down the spine of Kilkreath and its woodland. It played a pivotal role in the Skyrim Civil War.
Great Arch
The natural arch that runs over the Karth Estuary and holds the capital city, Solitude on its back. It was originally used as a windbreaker for the city's port.
Kilkreath Temple
An old Nordic-Daedric temple dedicated to Meridia, the Daedric Prince of Infinite Energies. It has a large statue of their patron, which can be seen from miles away.
A hidden and lush valley inside the mountain, protected from the harsh weather outside. Many creatures take refuge in the valley, from wolves to spriggans.
The capital-city of Haafingar Hold and now the modern-day capital of Skyrim. It is the capital of Imperial Power in the province, ever since Queen Potema's reign.
The Steed Stone
One of the legendary Standing Stones of Skyrim, with this one based on the Steed constellation and birthsign. It overlooks the northern coast near the Kilkreath Peak.
An abandoned Dragon Cult temple that was led by the Dragon Priest, Volsung. His tomb is built on the Peak of Volskygge.