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Grove Carpet Buds
Barkroot Blessing

Grove Carpet is a type of moss indigenous to Galen. It is known to possess remarkable properties. Druids utilized living budlings of this moss in their rituals and transformation-based magic. Surprisingly, Grove Carpet is known for its near-indestructibility in bud form. Even ancient budlings, when sprinkled with water, can swiftly grow into lush plants within a matter of days.[1][2] It's uncertain whether different druidic circles utilized those buds differently. However, the Druids of the Firesong Circle were known for their specific utilization of Grove Carpet, though the exact purposes for which they employed it remain a mystery.[3]

By employing magic alongside a variety of other ingredients and tool, including scarab-host boxes, pulsating amber hearts, tablets carved from petrified tree bark, clay, chimera hair brushes, writhing vine mass, mulch, living bark, and pigment sourced from phoenix moths, grove carpet buds were used to alter ones their appearance as a tribute to changing seasons and to mirror the likeness of trees. This visage was known as Barkroot Blessing.[1]

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