Lore:Great Arch

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Great Arch
Type Landmark
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold Haafingar
Appears in Skyrim, ESO
The Great Arch ca. 4E 201

The Great Arch (also called the Cliffs of Solitude[1] or Solitude)[2][3] is a natural landmark that hovers over the Karth River estuary, in the province of Skyrim. The natural arch is an extension of Mount Kilkreath in Haafingar that goes over the Karth River and stretches southeast to the edge of the Drajkmyr Marsh, which is already part of the neighboring hold, Hjaalmarch. At the base of the arch, on the east side is the ancient barrow, Folgunthur, the west side has a road pass that reaches around the mountain and a large cave used as a warehouse by the East Empire Company. But on the top of the landmark is the Nordic city, Solitude.

The Great Arch was more than an interesting landmark, but a windbreaker for Solitude's port yard and easily-defensible position, making it ideal for a grand city. The city's construction extended across the arch, all of it culminated to the Avenues District and the Blue Palace, which sits right on the edge of the landmark.[4]



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