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Arch-Mage Frathen Drothan
OB-npc-Frathen Drothan.jpg
Arch-Mage Frathen Drothan in the Nefarivigum, shortly before his death
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Died 3E 433
Nibenay Basin
Resided in Morrowind
Nibenay Basin
Appears in Oblivion

Frathen Drothan was a rogue Telvanni Arch-Mage, and leader of the Drothmeri Army. Although he received no support from the Great Houses of Morrowind, he assembled an army of mercenaries to topple Imperial rule. To do so he sought out Mehrunes' Razor, which was rumored to have been uncovered in the iron mines of Sundercliff Watch, an abandoned outpost in the Valus Mountains. In 3E 433 he set up base there and searched the ruins of Varsa Baalim, an Ayleidic city where the Nefarivigum was said to be. This was an evil construct of Mehrunes Dagon, created to test pilgrims seeking the Razor. Drothan decrypted the runes and was close to recovering the Razor, before the Champion of Cyrodiil defeated him and claimed the dagger.[1]

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