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Drajkmyr Marsh
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Appears in Skyrim, ESO
Drajkmyr Marsh ca. 4E 201

The Drajkmyr (or Black Morass)[1] is an immense saltwater marsh, formed by the estuaries of the River Karth and the River Hjaal, which dominates Hjaalmarch in the province of Skyrim. Largely uninhabited, it is cloaked in an eerie mist.[2]:436 The Drajkmyr encompasses much of central Hjaalmarch, bordered by the lumber town of Morthal to the south,[2]:439[3] the Karth River and Fort Snowhawk to the west, both the Great Arch and the Mouths of the Karth to the north, and finally, the snowy woods that lead towards the Pale to the east.

Further Information[edit]

The Pale Lady

It is largely uninhabited; only small encampments and isolated shelters are found across the region. Some ruins in the area have sunken into the terrain while others remain untouched on its frontier. The Apprentice Stone can be found on a small islet directly north of Snowhawk. There are several landmarks across the Drajkmyr Marsh, such as Folgunthur, Kjenstag, and Ustengrav. The River Hjaal empties into the region and Morthal from the southwest.

Out in the wilderness, there are all sorts of creatures that stalk the marsh, ranging from the common mudcrab or dragonfly, but also large predators like the frostbite spider and even the chaurus. There is a myriad of flora that lives in these swamps, one of the most well-known is the Deathbell, which is the source of several local folktales, such as that it grows in places where an unfortunate death may occur, or that it lures people and animals to certain death.[4] Other types of plants include the Canis Root, the Spiky Grass, the Swamp Fungal Pod and even the Nirnroot.

There is a recurring theme of children being lost in the marshland. The Fen Witches, a notorious coven of the Glenmoril Wyrd and worshippers of Molag Bal have been known to abducting children, but that is the least of their wrongdoings.[5] There is also a legend told in Morthal about the Pale Lady, a ghostly lady that wanders northern Drajkmyr to find her lost daughter and some say that she takes children that stray too far from home.[6]



  • Early in Skyrim's development, this area was called the "Tundra Marsh". It was later renamed by borrowing Shor's Stone's original name of "Drajkfarm".[7]