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Designer Diocletia Orbus
ON-npc-Diocletia Orbus.jpg
Designer Diocletia Orbus
Race Imperial Gender Female
Resided in Skingrad
Appears in ESO
"For a true Imperial, simple does not mean unsophisticated." —Diocletia Orbus[1]

Designer Diocletia Orbus,[1][2] also known as Diocletia of Skingrad,[3] and the Tailor of Skingrad,[4] was a famous and renowned Imperial clothier and armorer.[5][2] She was also an author of A Colovian Lady's Pattern Book.[4]


Diocletia's shop in Skingrad, Recruit's Assurance Armory

Little is known of Diocletia's past. As of 2E 582, she was a renowned clothing designer known for many of her creations. She created the City Isle Tunic Dress, inspired by the elegant lines of the attires of the Second Empire but updated with a contemporary bias cut.[1] She also designed the Imperial City Temple Tunic, a shimmering satin creation.[3] Another of her creations, the "Elder Council" Tunic and Sash, was inspired by the majestic and imposing attire of the Imperial Elder Council. This ensemble, suitable for high-profile occasions ranging from formal to celebratory, was designed to showcase the proud heritage of the Empire.[6] Although hailing from Skingrad, Diocletia also designed fashion for the Nibenese Imperials. Her Nibenese Noble's Shawled Robe was a versatile ensemble that doubled as both active wear and an elegant evening gown.[7] Diocletia also designed the Rumare Waterfront Casual Wear, inspired by the raffish attire of roustabouts on the Imperial Waterfront. Made from the finest materials, it was considered a superior choice for daytime wear in any of the Imperial City's six districts.[8] Diocletia also designed the Cyrod Gentry's Town Gown. Tailored from the sheerest linen, this aristocratic gown was, in her own words, "as daring as it is discreet." She suggested it as a good choice for many occasions, whether dining or dancing, shopping or just showing off.[5] Despite praising it in the past, by 2E 582, Diocletia considered it incredibly out of season and lamented the trend of draping sheer linen. However, she expressed the belief that fashion in Skingrad only moves forward, just as she does. She also expressed interest in designing the Imperial Legion's uniforms, but Count Calantius did not agree. She believed she could create something better than the gaudy crests used as of that time.[2] Another creation by Diocletia, the Cyrod Patrician Formal Gown, was a formal aristocratic wrap gown. It was paired with a splendid gorget of hammered gold adorned with Imperial diamonds.[9]

She also adapted the equipment of the legendary Imperial Mananauts, drawing inspiration from old engravings. The fanciful replicas became a must-have accessory for fashionable wizards of the Mages Guild.[10] She was also fascinated by the design of the Amulet of Kings and was known to comment on replica earrings crafted to emulate the original amulets. She noted that master jewelers studied illustrations of the original amulet to get the shape just right.[11]

She also authored A Colovian Lady's Pattern Book, and by 2E 582, many autographed presentation copies were in circulation.[4]

Hailing from Skingrad, she was known to work at the local armor and clothing store, Recruit's Assurance Armory. She resided in Skingrad during the events of the Mirrormoor incursions in the West Weald. Additionally, she was a skilled archer.[2]


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