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This script appears in The Origin of Cyrus! comic book included with The Elder Scrolls Adventures: Redguard, used by the Dark Elf slavers of Tear and presumably associated with House Dres. A direct translation of the script is unavailable. The direction of the script is inconsistent.

DFscript-1.pngDFscript-2.pngDFscript-3.pngDFscript-4.pngDFscript-14.pngDFscript-5.pngDFscript-6.pngDFscript-7.pngDFscript-8.pngDFscript-9.pngDFscript-13.pngDFscript-15.pngDFscript-10 (1).pngDFscript-10 (2).pngDFscript-11.pngDFscript-16.pngDFscript-12.png

Examples of usage:


Notably, the script used by the Dark Elves in TES III: Morrowind and later installments was switched to the Daedric alphabet.