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This article is about the geographical region. For the Third Era political entity, see Daenia (duchy).

Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province High Rock
Appears in ESO
Daenia circa 2E 582

Daenia is a forested region in western High Rock, in the southern part of Glenumbra. It borders Cambray Hills to the northeast. The region is home to the city of Daggerfall. It is also known for the culture of quests, where young people of the lower classes take on heroic tasks in order to feel more like nobility.[1] There have even been cases where a task was so great, the person completing it became a noble themselves. Because of this ability to move up in social class, the people of Daenia are fiercely independent. The region is also home to the Beldama Wyrd, as well as several witch covens.[2]