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Member of the Spider Cult
Mephala the Webspinner

The Cult of the Spider (or simply the Spider Cult)[1] is an outlawed and notoriously secretive temple of worship dedicated to the Daedric Prince of Sin and Secrecy, Mephala the Webspinner. To the common-folk, the inner workings have been a great mystery for many years and have been denounced as a club of debauched orgies, a claim that has some validity. The cult uses seduction and copulation as tools. Oftentimes, inductees must engage in such activities to join the Spider Cult.[1]

Further Information[edit]

There is a general hierarchy in the Spider Cult, split threeways. "The Widow" is the leader of the cult and is the direct link between the cult hood and Mephala herself. They usually assign tasks to other members of the cult. "The Deathweavers" is the militant arm of the cult and physically enacts the prince's will, usually to kill in the name of their lord. Anything lower is "The Scuttlers," who take on their lord's more discreet tasks.[1] The Spider Cult uses the Daedric Spider as their companions.[2] The Obsidian Husk, a magical stone associated with Mephala had been passed down by members of the Spider Cult for an untold time, but because of its never stays with one individual, as is the nature of artifacts, chapters of the cult are known to scheme or fight over it. Some of the most powerful members of the cult are known to use the stone to enchant others, encase them in a thicket of shadow and grant them abnormal abilities.[3]

In 2E 582, the Obsidian Husk was tracked down by the Spider Cult in the old cave system, Fungal Grotto. In the southwest valley of Stonefalls, in the province of Morrowind. The Widow, Vila Theran led an expedition to Fungal Grotto, only to find it infested with the Murkwater Tribe of Goblins and the Dreugh. With the help of an adventurer, the Spider Cult was able to rally the goblins and defeat the Dreugh to secure the daedric shrine and the Obsidian Husk.[4] Once they acquired the artifact, the Spider Cult controlled the surrounding area and allured travelers into their grasp. The Fighters Guild was forced to step in and quash the threat. Vila was defeated by the aforementioned adventurer and the guild member, Defender Two-Blades was able to disenchant the stone.[5]

Knights of the Spider Cult[edit]

The Knights of the Spider Cult (also called the Deathweavers)[2] is the militant arm of the Spider Cult, who carry out the will of the webspinner.[1] Unlike the main cult, the knightly order does not use the Daedric Spider as their companion but instead prompts them to use the Skein Scorpion, to have a warlike demeanor.[2] In 2E 582, the Arbordawn Cult, the splinter faction of the Falinesti Faithful was corrupted by Mephala and converted to the Deathweavers when the area compromised an ancient Daedric shrine in Reaper's March, Valenwood.[6]


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