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Cascabel Hall
Type Settlement
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Hold Haafingar
Haafingar marked on a map of Skyrim

Cascabel Hall was a castle located near the city of Solitude in Skyrim. It was noted for its impenetrable walls and the vast arbor of golden apples that stretched acre after acre near the castle, said to be the finest, most delectable apples in the Empire. Its well dug into a basin rich with a vast reserve of water.[1][2]

At some point between 3E 246 and 3E 427, the Kings of Solitude and Fharun fought a war against one another, and the Count of Cascabel allied himself with Solitude. When the forces of the King of Solitude had left Cascabel Hall, and the Bosmer mercenary Menegur had manned the battlements as the rear-guard to protect their retreat, and the army had left a wagon behind to supply him with what they assumed would be enough food for months, the trunks turned out to be filled with inedible netch armor from the army's incursion into Morrowind. The enemy army soon surrounded the castle, leaving Menegur to defend it alone and nearly starving after living off of rats, insects, and even moss. He soon went on irregular treks to the acres outside the walls to retrieve golden apples without being killed by the enemy troops.[1]

The King of Solitude soon returned with his army after months of working out a peace treaty between the King of Fharun, and thanked Menegur for his service. The former enemy troops, now no longer hostile to Menegur, apologized for their attempts to kill him and admired his skills. The King said Menegur owed thirty-seven Imperial gold to the Count for the crops he'd eaten while they were away, as they'd exceeded his mercenary wages. Menegur responded by saying he'd pay the fee to himself, as after reading through law books he viewed an Elder Council decree made as an attempt to clear up some questions of property rights in Skyrim during Uriel IV's reign, which stated that any man without a liege who occupied a castle for more than three months would be granted the rights and titles of that estate. Menegur proclaimed that by rule of law, he was now the Count of Cascabel.[1] Leftover crates of netch leather armor were sent over to the nearby Fort Hraggstad after the battle.[2]

By 3E 427, Menegur's son still held the title of Count of Cascabel.[1] The castle no longer stood by the time of the Fourth Era, having been absent from the lands of Skyrim from unknown causes.[2]


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