Lore:Broken Cape

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Broken Cape
Type Region
Continent Tamriel
Province Skyrim
Appears in Skyrim
Map of Skyrim

The Broken Cape is a region found along the coast of Winterhold, in the province of Skyrim. The northern tip is known as Hsaarik Head, and it contains the former capital-city, Winterhold.[1] In the late-Merethic Era, a fleet of Atmorans, led by Ysgramor sailed across the Sea of Ghosts and landed on Hsaarik Head after fleeing from a civil war in Atmora. From there, they built their first city, Saarthal which was subsequently sacked by the Snow Elves native to the land.[2] In its vicinity, northeast of the ruined city lies Winterhold,[3] which was the capital of Skyrim until the Great Collapse occurred in 4E 122.[4]

The College of Winterhold extends off the coast from the eponymous city and several ruins like the Skytemple Ruins, the Pilgrim's Trench and Ysgramor's Tomb are found in between the glaciers and shipwrecks that are spread across the coast.