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Book Information
Beware of Falkreath
by Jofnhild
A letter from a concerned Nord father

My dearest Betne,
I hope this letter reaches you in good health. Refugees continue to make their way into the city, and there does not appear to be any relief. These poor souls, destitute and hopeless, seem to come from all over, and every day we receive new reports of the mysterious marauders who drove them from their homes.
We have begun to assist the wounded, but they number so many, we have no place to house them. Our food and supplies are already stretched thin, and it won't be long until our resources are depleted. We haven't seen a trade caravan in weeks.
As for the refugees, they arrive with nothing but the clothes on their backs and their lives. I have treated many of the wounded, and I have seen everything from lacerations and broken bones to—astonishingly—bite marks and gouges.
According to the survivors, they are the lucky ones. Many had tales of their kinsmen being captured and later found mutilated. They say that even as they fled here to Falkreath, they were under constant assault. Most of their supplies and many more of their kin were carried off. Where they were taken, they cannot say, but there are rumors of mysterious sounds and strange lights coming from deep within the mountains to the south. Scouts have been dispatched to investigate, but none are yet to return.
None of the survivors can say with any certainty who these raiders are, or where they come from. Some say they're Reachmen, others say they're monsters with the heads of bulls! We've even heard tales of the Reachmen and these bull-beasts attacking as one! The survivors are starved, dying, and half-mad, so we must take these reports with a grain of salt, but there can be no doubt that their wounds are like nothing we've ever seen.
It seem inevitable that these marauders will eventually find their way here, and we have sent out a general call for aid. The Jarl remains sealed within his holdfast, but I have heard that his daughter Eerika is preparing some kind of defense.
Betne, please read this carefully and do as I say: Do not return to Falkreath as planned! Remain in Dragonstar until you hear from me that the threat is gone. The roads are far too dangerous, and I fear you would not survive the trip.
I pray that this bird finds you before you depart. If not, may Kyne preserve and protect you. Our home has dealt with assaults in the past, and with luck we shall hold strong against whatever approaches our gates.
Be safe, my child.
Your father,